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Don’t forget to mark your cargo!

Marks and Numbers small

20 Nov 2019

It is important you make sure that (the packaging of) your cargo is always properly marked. This is the responsibility of the shipper.

For LCL / groupage or breakbulk shipments, the correct application of marks and numbers plays a much more important role than for a full container shipment.

The purpose of these marks is to identify your cargo from those of other shippers.

Shipping marks mentioned on the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and certificate of origin must fully match the actual marks and numbers on the cargo.

Port marks
The correct Port of Discharge should also be mentioned on your shipment(s). This is to avoid your cargo being loaded in the wrong container and ending up in the wrong port of discharge.

Examples of marks and numbers
Standard markings include the (abbreviated) name of the consignee, reference number, destination and numbering of the package. Additional, optional information can be added, such as the gross weight and the country of origin.

You can always contact your operational contact person for more information.